The ways to reduce the cost of raising chickens

Many people rely on raising chickens to make money. In the production of chickens, the cost of raising about 70% of the total expenditure. So how do you improve production performance and reduce feeding costs?

1. According to the nutritional needs of different growth stages of different breeds of chickens, make full use of local cheap feed resources and prepare full-price diets by themselves, which can greatly reduce feed costs in poultry farming equipment.

2, reduce feed waste, the structure of the trough should be reasonable, the upper edge of the trough should be edged, concave, to prevent spillage of feed. Use the trough should pay attention to adjust the height with the growth of the chicken, so that the trough is always 2 to 3 cm higher than the chicken back. Less feeding, and not overfilling once.



3, timely elimination of residual, secondary and low-yield chickens, these chickens waste feed and increase economic expenditures, so it should be eliminated in time to reduce the cost of raising chickens.

4, to strengthen the management of feeding, improve the disease resistance of chickens, reduce treatment costs. At the same time, do a good job in the hygiene of the feeding equipment, create a good growth for the chicken, and ensure stable production and high yield.

5, keep the house temperature suitable, the most suitable for laying eggs for chickens is 13 ° C ~ 21 ° C, if the house temperature is lower than 8 ° C in winter, every 100 chickens should eat 1.5 kg more feed per day, and the egg production rate decreased. In summer, the climate is hot and the chickens eat less feed, but the egg production rate also drops. Therefore, adjusting the temperature inside the house is also important for reducing feed consumption in poultry cage manufacturer in china.



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