What are the mistakes often made by farmers when raising chickens?

First, when buying chicken poultry farm equipment cost in nigeria, it is cheaper: the cost of raising chicken equipment to raise chickens is much higher than in the past, so many users tend to prefer cheap equipment and chicken cages when purchasing chicken equipment. Whether the quality of the equipment meets the requirements and standards, especially the chicken cage equipment, the chicken cage is the main equipment for raising chickens. The chicken cage with poor structure and bad quality will affect the growth and production of the chickens, and the service life is not guaranteed.


Second, raising chickens ignores immunization: the density of equipment for raising chickens is higher than that of flat feeding, and the number is large. The density of chickens is large, and the chances of chickens infected with diseases will be much higher. Therefore, farmers need to pay attention to the prevention of infectious diseases. Immunization of chickens is currently economical and effective. However, many farmers have neglected the help of immunization, or some farmers have not complied with reasonable procedures to cause immune failure and cost loss. Farmers should develop reasonable disease prevention procedures based on flock conditions and regional epidemics.





Third, the disease diagnosis of chickens: Many users have many years of farming experience, so when the chickens produce diseases, the farmers think they can diagnose, only look at the surface, do not seek experts for diagnosis, blind medication, leading to chickens It is more serious and will not be isolated and healthy chickens in the chicken cage, which seriously endangers the health of other chickens. Now the chicken diseases are more complicated, so the farmers should be isolated in time after the chickens get sick and then go to the veterinarian. Diagnostic treatment.


Fourth, do not pay attention to the disinfection of chicken houses: large-scale chicken house equipment, chicken density is large, the number is also large, so the chicken house is easy to produce harmful gases and bacteria to breed, seriously endangering the health of the chicken, so breeding Households should regularly disinfect the chicken house to kill the pathogenic microorganisms in the house to prevent disease, and also pay attention to keeping the house clean and often ventilated.


Fifth. Inadvertent maintenance of chicken poultry farming equipment: Since chicken equipment is generally large-scale mechanized equipment, the service life is relatively long, and the farmers need to carry out reasonable inspection and maintenance work on each equipment regularly, so that problems can be discovered in time. The fault is solved, and the service life of the equipment can be guaranteed and extended, and the efficiency of the chicken raising work of the farmers is good, but many farmers have neglected the work, resulting in short service life, high failure rate and increased cost.

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