Advantages of commercial broiler chicken cages for broiler chickens

The broiler is raised by the farmers for the survival rate and meat yield of the broilers. Only when these are improved can they bring just good economic benefits to the farmers. The prerequisite for ensuring survival is to choose a good farming method. Broiler cages are currently a good breeding equipment for breeding, which can raise chickens at high density, save land area, and reduce the incidence of poultry diseases. The authors will talk about the advantages of using broiler cages to breed broilers.

The main advantages of broiler rearing equipment:

1. Compared with the traditional flat raise, the number of chickens in the unit can be increased by 50%-100%.

2. The automatic water supply system can ensure the uniformity and sufficiency of broiler drinking water and ensure the healthy and healthy growth of broilers.

3. It can be equipped with a special indoor cooling system, which can effectively reduce the indoor temperature and reduce the suffocation death caused by high temperature and oxygen deficiency.

4. The device is easy to operate and can save labor.

5. The use of automatic defecation system can effectively reduce the disease and mortality of broilers.

6. Broiler cages can reduce exercise, accelerate growth, and save feed conversion.

7. Broiler cages are easy to observe, group and select for easy management.

8. The hot-dip galvanizing process of the cage net and the cage frame can better the service life of the equipment.

Experiments show that the technical advantages of commercial broiler battery cages compared with online breeding are very significant, which not only can increase the number of cultures, improve production performance, save production costs, but also bring significant economic benefits to farm households. Moreover, it can also save land resources, reduce environmental pollution, improve product quality, and create huge social benefits. It is in line with the development requirements of “scale, standardization, industrialization and ecologicalization” of broiler breeding industry. The widespread application of chicken cages will help speed up the process of standardization and transformation of livestock and poultry farms and effectively promote the upgrading of the livestock industry.

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