Farming equipment required for chicken farms

Assuming that the number of chickens is relatively large, poultry cage equipment will be used to raise chickens, which will save land area and better raise chickens. So what kind of breeding equipment is needed for a good chicken farm? Here are some suggestions that farmers can decide based on their type and number of chickens.


If your house is a closed house, because the house is not ventilated, mechanical ventilation is required. According to the direction of airflow inside the house, it can be divided into horizontal ventilation and longitudinal ventilation. Chicken house equipment must be mechanically ventilated. According to the flow direction of the airflow in the house, it can be divided into two types: horizontal ventilation and longitudinal ventilation. Lateral ventilation means that the direction of airflow in the house is perpendicular to the long axis of the house. Longitudinal ventilation refers to the way in which a large number of fans are concentrated in one place, so that the airflow in the house is parallel to the long axis of the house. The research practice since 1988 proves that the longitudinal ventilation effect is better, can eliminate and overcome the phenomenon of small dead angle and low wind speed in the horizontal ventilation, and how to raise the chicken equipment, how to ventilate the chicken equipment and eliminate the horizontal ventilation. The drawbacks of cross-infection.




Followed by heating equipment. In order to achieve the purpose of heating and insulation, electric heating, plumbing, coal stoves, etc. can be used. Especially in winter, because of the lower temperature, heating equipment is needed, but it also needs timely ventilation. For the reason of feeding the chicken, you can choose water line or high quality water-proof drinking fountain, not only sanitary but also water. So as not to cause the house to be wet due to water leakage.


The Poultry Rearing Equipment and the egg collecting equipment can be selected according to the model of the chicken cage. The chickens with higher mechanization are all automatically collected by the conveyor belt, and the efficiency is relatively high, but the breaking rate is relatively high. Many chicken farms have a timed automatic control switch that replaces the manual switch to ensure adequate lighting time. Therefore, lighting equipment is also essential.



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