What are the necessary conditions for installing broiler chicken cages?

As the name suggests, broiler battery cages are the equipment for raising broilers. It is a common way of raising chickens in farms. It can solve the problem of large flat area, chickens directly contacting the ground and feces easily infected with diseases. Farmers can be allowed to raise a larger number of chickens on a limited area. Moreover, broilers do not touch the feces and the ground, reducing the incidence of disease.

The broiler chickens are concentrated and cultured. If they are used in the previous sheds, they will occupy more places. This type of farming will be less than the number of cages. That is to say, the density of cages is large. It can be said that it is a chicken house of the same building area. If caged, it will raise more broilers.

In other words, the use of broiler cages can increase the number of broiler cultures within the same building area. It also creates greater benefits for the farmers, so the use of them for broiler breeding has formed a trend that has become a scale. In addition, if cages are used for breeding, the chickens can be effectively classified. For example, it is possible to carry out male and female cages, which is more conducive to the growth of chickens. That is to say, it can increase the feed conversion rate, and make the specifications of the listed body weight more consistent and increase economic income.

The installation of broiler cages, especially for broilers, is of great help. For the aquaculture industry, keeping the chickens in cages can maintain a clean environment. That is to avoid contact between broiler chicken and chicken manure, which will reduce the breeding of bacteria and increase the survival rate of broilers. The survival rate of broilers is very important. If there is no survival rate, the ultimate profit and benefits are simply impossible to talk about.

At the same time, the use of poultry farming equipment is more convenient for mechanized operation, which can greatly improve labor productivity, which greatly reduces labor costs. At the same time, it can also be scientifically managed to achieve better economic benefits.

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