Why is the automated chicken feed line more user-friendly?

Automatic chicken feeding equipment is one of the main equipments for chicken feeding equipment. The use of chicken feeding equipment is indispensable for raising chickens. Which kind of poultry farming equipment is better to choose depends on the performance and structure of the equipment, and whether the equipment is designed and manufactured according to the growth habit of the chicken. Example: Chickens don't like noise, like to eat, etc., whether the automatic chicken feeding equipment system is available.

First of all, introduce some characteristics of the automatic chicken feed line. The chicken feed line consists of two parts, which are the main line of chicken and the line of chicken accessories. The main feed line consists of material tower, feed pipe, screw conveyor auger, motor and level sensor. Its main function is to transport the materials in the material tower to the feeding tray of the auxiliary material line. The material level sensor automatically controls the feeding and opening of the motor. The auxiliary material line conveys the feed to each tray to achieve the purpose of automatic feeding.

The process of feeding the feed through the chicken feed line is quiet and does not stimulate the chicken. Chickens like to eat fresh feed, the feeding line cutting switch is controlled by the material level sensor, ready to cut at any time, and can eat fresh chicken food at any time to improve the feed conversion rate. When the chicken prefers to eat, the feed is taken out of the trough, and the edge of the automatic tray is tilted inward to prevent the feed from being taken out of the trough and waste, which can save the breeding cost.

The ideal chicken feed line should not only have good performance, but also adapt to the growth habits of the chickens, so that the chickens can grow healthily, and the farmers can increase the breeding income. Modern automated poultry farming equipment can save time and effort, and is very user-friendly design, so that chickens grow up happily. It is a breeding equipment that many farmers prefer.

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