How to safely raise chickens in autumn and winter

As we all know, the temperature and day and night temperature difference in the autumn and winter seasons vary greatly. The large-scale farming use chicken farm equipment. It has a warm and comfortable chicken, so that the production performance of the chickens can be better played. Control of humidity, ventilation, etc.


The first is the temperature management of the chicken house. The temperature of the house should be maintained at 18 °C ~ 23 °C, and the minimum should not be lower than 15 °C. If the house encounters windy weather, prevent the wind from dropping. The size of the air inlet is adjusted daily according to the weather conditions and the performance of the flock. Do not let the wind blow the chicken, otherwise it will cause the chicken to become sick, and it will affect the economic benefits of the farmers.




Before the arrival of winter, it is necessary to clean up poultry farm equipment cost in nigeria in time so that the chickens can be better kept. The chickens should be carefully observed every day. If the chickens are squatting on the scaffolding, the back hairs are erected, indicating that the chicken houses are too cold. There is no chicken or chicken on the ground at the end of the air inlet in the chicken house. It means there is very little chicken or chicken on the ground. It means that it is cold here. It is necessary to adjust the air inlet or block the air leakage to prevent stress and avoid the disease of the chickens. It is necessary to do preventive work in time. 



If the water trap leaks in the chicken house, it should be treated in time to prevent the ammonia smell in the house from being too large, which will affect the health of the chicken. It is better to have fresh air and slow airflow in the autumn and winter festivals. Before the winter, repair the place that should not enter the wind, especially the air leakage at the exhaust fan must be handled well to prevent the local wind from being blown down, so that the overall ventilation of the chicken house is not smooth and the temperature near the exhaust fan is low, resulting in the incidence of chickens. And affect production.


When the smell of ammonia in the house is large, the temperature inside the house should be increased first, and then the ventilation should be increased. When the air in the morning is compared, if it is necessary to increase the ventilation, it should be gradually increased, preferably at a high temperature at noon. It is better to use a shorter ventilation time and multiple passes. Do not leave a dead angle when ventilating. If you want to increase the number of exhaust fans, you must be cautious. After the increase, carefully observe the performance of the flock, and no adverse reactions will be carried out.

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