What are the tips for chicken drinking in autumn and winter?

Drinking water in the chicken farm in summer is very important, but it is also important to drink water in the autumn and winter seasons in poultry feeders and drinkers price in nigeria. In fact, chickens also need water to maintain normal life activities and production in winter. Egg production declines. In severe cases, egg production ceases, chickens lose weight, and eventually die from failure. Therefore, the following issues should be noted when drinking water in winter.





 The water temperature should not be too low. Drinking too cold water can reduce the egg production rate and increase the feed consumption. Generally, the water temperature is preferably 10 ° C-20 ° C. If possible, a large container can be placed in the chicken house to let the water temperature rise.


The water in the water tank should not be too much, so as to avoid freezing injury on the chicken body. For flat chicken houses, the drinking trough must have a device to prevent the chickens from entering the trough.


The water quality is clean and sanitary, and the water tank should be cleaned frequently.


 The water requirement of chickens is generally twice the feed intake, but the actual demand is often affected by the temperature and the type of feed intake. Therefore, sufficient water should be provided to allow chickens to drink water in Chicken Battery Farm Equipment For Sale.


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