Precautions for using battery chicken cages to raise chickens

In the chicken industry, two types of cages are widely used by farmers, namely stepped cages and battery cages. In the actual breeding process, these two cages provide great help for farmers in their breeding work. But not no matter how you use the chicken coop, you can make its unique advantages play out. Regardless of whether the farmers use stepped chicken coops or stacked chicken coops, they need to pay attention to some breeding items to fully demonstrate their advantages. The following is mainly for the stacked chicken cages, to tell the farmers some things that need to be paid attention to during the use process.

1. Farmers know that battery poultry farming cages are stacked one after another so that the upper and middle cages will cover the light of the lower cages. The rationality of light is an indispensable condition in the growth of chickens. Therefore, when farmers use stacked chicken cages to raise chickens, they must install light bulbs in the chicken coop scientifically to ensure that the upper, middle and lower chicken flocks can receive sufficient light.

2. The cage layers of stacked chicken cages are closely adjacent to each other. In order to ensure that the chickens have a good ventilation, farmers must pay attention to the rationality of their density when arranging the chickens. Especially in the upcoming summer, the breeding density should be appropriately reduced to ensure that the chickens can be ventilated normally.

3. When using cascading chicken cages to raise chickens, the chicken cages fix the chickens within a certain range, so that the amount of activity of the chickens will be greatly reduced. If the flock is in a state of being unable to eat for a long time, it will cause obesity in broilers and difficulty in laying eggs. Therefore, in order to allow the chickens to grow healthily, farmers can occasionally beat the chicken cage or feed line to force the chickens to move.

The above three precautions are what farmers need to pay attention to when using battery chicken cages to raise chickens. It is hoped that through today’s description, these three items can attract the attention of farmers in the future breeding process.

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