Chicken cage manufacturers teach you how to catch chickens reasonably

In the process of raising chickens, when the chickens should be put out for slaughter, "catch the chicken" is a job that every farmer has to do. In addition, chicken flock immunization, transfer, slaughter, disease diagnosis, etc. all need to catch chickens.

  1. Choose the time to catch the chicken. It is recommended that farmers choose to catch chickens in the morning and evening when the light is darker and the temperature is lower. Because the movement of the chicken is reduced in the dark environment, it is easy to be caught.
  2. Remove the breeding equipment that affects the catching of chickens. Feeding troughs, water troughs and other facilities may affect the catching of chickens. Therefore, farmers can dismantle, raise or dismantle these facilities when catching chickens to prevent chickens from colliding while running and causing them to be injured.
  3. Catch chickens in a small group. For users who use chicken battery cages to raise chickens, it is relatively simple. The number of chickens in the cage is limited and it is easier to catch chickens. Users who use other methods to raise chickens can use the screen before catching the chicken. Divide the sheep into small groups to reduce deaths from fright and crowding.
  4. Actions should be brisk. In the process of catching chickens, farmers should capture the movements gently and quickly. For smaller chickens, you can hold the whole body directly with your hands, but not too tightly. For larger chickens, you can start by holding their legs behind their backs, turning them upside down and gently placing them in the basket. It is strictly forbidden to lift one leg by grasping the wings to avoid fracture.

The chicken cage manufacturers teach you this: When catching chickens in a chicken farm, you must master the technical knowledge, so as not to hurt yourself or the chickens in the process of catching the chickens, and at the same time bring pressure to the chickens.

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