How to reduce broken eggs?

For the farmers who raise the laying hens, the quality and quantity of the eggs is the key to determining the economic benefits of the farmers. Therefore, in the process of breeding the laying hens, the farmers should pay attention to the quality of the eggs in addition to the number of eggs. Even if the number of eggs is large, but the egg breaking rate will affect the benefits, then how to prevent egg damage during the feeding process, strengthen the quality of eggs, poultry cage manufacturers to tell the farmers.


1. Now most of them use the way of laying hens to raise laying hens. Therefore, farmers should pay attention to the selection of egg hen cage equipment. The size of the hens should be determined according to the number and variety of laying hens. And the type, the spacing of the iron bars at the bottom of the cage is generally recommended to be 2.5 cm × 5 cm. It should be suitable when designing the angle of the bottom of the cage. Small angles can not roll out the eggs in time, and the angle is easy to make the eggs fall to the ground. Bad or the impact of the egg rolling is large and broke each other, the general cage bottom slope should be maintained at 7-8 degrees.



2. Whether the feed formula fed by the farmer is scientific and reasonable will affect the quality of the egg. During the feeding process, the farmer must ensure the balanced nutrition of the feed. The nutrient level of the feed is directly related to the strength and hardness of the eggshell. An important factor in egg rate. When formulating feed, it is necessary to formulate nutrient-rich feeds in stages, especially calcium, phosphorus, vitamin D3 and crude protein. Although most of the current feeds are called full-price feeds, caged chickens cannot get extra vitamins, so the chicken farm can supplement the chickens with multi-dimensional and minerals twice a week.


3. If there are too many eggs in the egg trough, it will be prone to collision and damage, so the farmers should pay attention to increase the number of quail eggs and improve the quality of quail eggs during the feeding process, in order to prevent egg and egg collision and eggs. At the bottom of the cage, the chicken is trampled, and the eggs are to be smashed more than three times a day. The last time the quail eggs are arranged to stop the eggs in the cage before the lights are turned off at night, and the eggs can be prevented from being licked.

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