Factors of Chicken Illness

It is inevitable that chickens are sick in chicken battery cages, so what are the factors that cause chicken disease?

1, Poor feeding: nutritional imbalanced feed, lack of one or more ingredients, improper feeding methods will make chicken susceptible to disease. For example, the uneven mixing of vitamin additives may cause some chickens to eat too
much, and the chickens with weak constitution can not eat or eat insufficient feed, which makes the chickens evenly poor and easy to get sick; the feed is too fine, and the chicken has poor palatability.

2, Nutritional deficiency in the diet: Insufficient vitamin A in the diet reduces the chicken's resistance to various respiratory diseases and resistance; the vitamin D in the feed is insufficient, the chicken is susceptible to rickets;
the methionine deficiency in the laying hen diet, the egg production rate Not high and easy to lick eggs.

3, Stress factors: a variety of stress factors, such as sudden shifts, changes in feed, large temperature difference in the house, parasites, heat stress, etc., can increase metabolic stress in chickens, will certainly cause disease

4, Poor ventilation: due to poor ventilation of the sultry house, the chicken is prone to respiratory diseases. Poor ventilation in the hot season causes heatstroke and heat stress in chickens; poor ventilation in the house, increased
ammonia and carbon dioxide concentrations in the house, which seriously affects the performance of the chicken. It is often important to provide ventilation properly.

5, Crowded: chicken overcrowding is easy to induce respiratory infections, severe worms, chicken mites, will cause chicken litter wet, moldy, air sultry, promote the spread of chicken disease.

6. Parasites: Chicken parasites such as mites and mites affect chicken health and reduce resistance to disease. When using barely qualified diets, they can cause chicken nutritional deficiencies. The ectoparasites cause irritation,
resulting in insufficient rest and reduced disease resistance, and they also cause pathogenic microorganisms.

7, The chicken house is not clean: This is an important factor that easily causes chicken coccidia, decreased egg production and many other diseases. Despise the chicken house disinfection, the chicken house is not disinfected for a long
time, the disinfection is not thorough, not comprehensive, often use a disinfectant, to varying degrees, causing viruses, bacteria, parasites to parasitize in the chicken house, causing chicken disease or infectious diseases.

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