Manure removal equipment for two types of chicken cages

With the continuous expansion of breeders using laying hen cages, the feces cleaning work in the chicken house becomes more complicated. If the excrement is not cleaned thoroughly or in time, it will pose a great threat to the growth of the flock.

In the case of large-scale breeding, if the method of manual excrement removal is adopted, not only a lot of labor costs will be wasted, but it will also cause pollution to the chicken house due to the lack of timely cleaning. Therefore, in order to solve the disadvantage of manual manure removal, many farms are now using manure removal equipment to clean the manure in the chicken house. Now two kinds of manure removal equipment commonly used by farmers are scraper manure removal and belt manure removal. The following is a detailed introduction to these two types of equipment for farmers.

Scraper-type manure cleaner: Scraper-type manure cleaner is a device that uses a scraper to remove manure. It is mainly composed of electric motor, reducer, winch, wire rope, pulley, skateboard, and dung scraper. When the scraper-type manure cleaner is working, the winch is driven by the motor, and the sliding plate and the manure scraper are pulled through the wire rope to operate. When the wire rope is pulled forward, the skateboard and the dung scraper are in a vertical state, and they are close to the ground to scrape the dung. When the end point is reached, the sliding plate and the dung scraper hit the travel switch, causing the motor to reverse, and the sliding plate and the dung scraper also return. When returning, the skateboard and manure scraper are pulled by the wire rope behind them, and the manure scraper will be lifted over the manure pile so that the manure scraping will not be performed when retreating.

Belt manure cleaner: The belt manure cleaner is mainly composed of active roller, passive roller, idler roller and conveyor belt. When installing a belt-type manure cleaner, a conveyor belt needs to be installed under each layer of chicken cages, and the active rollers of the upper and lower conveyor belts can be driven by the same power during work. The feces produced by the chickens in the chicken cage will directly fall on the conveyor belt, and the human can regularly activate the switch of the conveyor belt to transport the chicken manure from one end of the poultry battery cages to the other. Then the scraper scrapes the feces in the cart, and then pushes away manually.

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