Expertise in using automatic chicken cages to raise chickens

Many farmers choose to use automatic chicken breeding equipment to raise chickens, so what professional knowledge is needed to use modern chicken breeding equipment, let's talk about it today.

Choose a good chicken breed. Excellent breeds are the basis for raising high-quality chickens. Choose breeds with full muscles and shiny feathers. They can also quickly adapt to the chicken cage environment.

The construction of the chicken house. Farmers should choose a place where the terrain is high, dry and can be drained. The breeder must plan the scale in advance, and there must be enough space in the chicken battery cages to put down the relevant equipment.

Choose feed. Chickens that grow in cages cannot run for food and provide nutrients like free-range chickens. This requires caged farmers to provide nutritious feed.

Pay attention to chicken grouping and strengthen inspections. Strong and weak chicks and diseased chicks should be reared in groups. It is best to check that weak chicks should be fed for the first time in the morning, as weak chicks are easily squeezed out. Eliminate the more seriously ill chicks immediately. Frequent inspections of chickens have three meanings: one is to understand the palatability and feeding amount of the feed through observation. The other is to detect and diagnose diseases from the diet, activity, and fecal status of the chicks in time. The third is to detect accidents in time. Deal with it in time to reduce losses.

The above is a brief introduction to the professional knowledge of chicken breeding in poultry chicken cages, hoping to help the farmers. In addition, if you want to learn more about chicken raising technology, you can refer to related books.

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