What should pay attention to raising layer chicken?

With the development of the laying hen industry, the scale and technology of breeding are becoming more and more mature, and many people choose to breed laying hens. but raising layer chicken need some methods . So what do you need to pay attention to ?

To fully analyze the cost, farmers often only look at the feed, surface unit price and ignore the real breeding costs. Feeding high-priced feeds has a high nutrient concentration and increased returns.

Can not ignore the elimination, the elimination of chickens, sick chickens in layer chicken cages equipment, timely elimination, if not eliminated will only increase the chances of transmission of infectious diseases, become a source of infection, increase costs.

Can not copy the epidemic prevention procedures, according to the requirements of the chicken manufacturers and combined with the current local disease epidemics, scientifically develop epidemic prevention procedures, the conditions are best based on the results of testing antibody levels.

Pay attention to prevention, prevent it in time, prevent the occurrence of illness, and give the chicken a healthy living environment.

Can not abuse drugs, medication should be based on the identification of the pathogens, can not be treated with a little bit of effect on the drug, residual bacteria cause repeated attacks, prolonged course of disease but increase the cost of medication.

During the laying period, scientific management is strengthened. In this period, good management methods are very important. It is not only necessary to do the winter cold and warm work, the same chicken house ventilation work, and daily environmental sanitation are also very important. It will directly affect its egg production.

The above is the matter that should be paid attention to when laying hens. High-quality chickens are the key to successful chicken raising.


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