Precautions for raising chicken in spring

The weather in spring is easy to change. The temperature difference between the climates makes the chickens frequently sick. We should do a good job in epidemic prevention to increase the resistance and prevent diseases.

The cause of the disease:

1, due to the relatively large temperature changes in spring, the temperature difference will be very large, if the chicken house is not doing the work of insulation, it is easy to have a stress reaction that causes the chicken's resistance to decline and cause disease. Or to keep warm without ventilation or to reduce the number of ventilation, which will cause the chicken's ammonia to exceed the standard causing respiratory disease in chickens.

2, if the sanitation environment is not good, the chicken manure is not cleaned up or the environment and feeding equipment are not often disinfected, then the chicken's resistance will decline, and the disease will be infected.


1, keep warm, due to the large temperature difference in spring, the weather changes quickly, if the temperature is low for a long time, the chicken is prone to catch a cold, so be sure to keep warm.

2, to maintain ventilation, insulation should also pay attention to more ventilation to improve the air quality of the chicken house to avoid the concern of the chicken house insulation and neglect the ventilation of breathable chickens for a long time inhaled carbon dioxide and other harmful gases.

3, spring is the season with the most disease, so it is necessary to do a good job of disinfection in time to prevent the occurrence of disease.

4, remember to add more feed to the chicken nutrition, spring needs more nutrients to enhance the resistance of the chicken, different chickens need different nutrients.

In the spring, the chickens should be carefully managed, diligently clear the chicken house, pay attention to the disinfection and sanitation of the chicken poultry cage equipment . If it is found that sick chickens must be isolated and treated in time to avoid large-scale infection

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