In the breeding equipment, what are the main broiler equipment

1. Broiler equipment cage: The use of broiler cage buildings for breeding broilers can fully use the area of ​​the chicken house to raise more chickens, which can increase the number of breeding households, and the cage has a relatively small area, which can be used for breeding Households saving chicken coop area can increase the number of farmers. When broiler cages are used for breeding, chickens can be effectively isolated from feces

2. Automatic feeding building: The automatic feeding machine is specially designed for the feeding of cages. The feeding machine has a strange layout, practical, time-saving and labor-saving, well-proportioned feeding, and low consumption. It is powered by a battery and driven by a DC motor. It has the advantages of low noise, convenient operation, flexible steering, small turning space, and convenient maintenance.




3. Automatic manure removal building: The manure removal machine is widely used to remove the manure of poultry and livestock raised in cages. It can realize unmanned management, automatic removal of manure on time, arbitrary setting of time, temporary removal of manure, simple and quick operation, automatic and manual Conversion, management and management does not require a lot of personnel, chicken manure will follow the manure scraper to the end and fall into the manure removal belt to be transported to the manure truck to pull away, which can improve the environment in the house and reduce the occurrence of diseases.


4. Automatic drinking fountain: Water is a substance that cannot be lacked for chickens, so drinking water building is one of the necessary buildings. From the perspective of saving water and preventing bacterial contamination, the nipple drinker is a water supply building that compares ambitions. Laying broilers drink water automatically, without the need for farmers to feed water manually, which is highly efficient. However, farmers must pay attention to choosing high-quality water-tight drinking fountains.


5. Ventilation, cooling and heating buildings: including fans and wet curtain buildings, heating buildings are also very important




Why is fully automated chicken breeding equipment so popular?

Why is fully automated chicken breeding equipment so popular? With the continuous development of society. The animal husbandry industry has also made some progress in technology. Modern chicken farms are an important part of large-scale standardized chicken farming. nowadays. Fully automated chicken breeding equipment is widely used in modern chicken farms. Below we can take a closer look.


First of all, the use of fully automated chicken breeding equipment in chicken farms can effectively facilitate the realization of factoryization, standardization, standardized management and environmental automation control, allowing many large chicken companies to obtain regulatory benefits. In many practical proofs, the modern chicken industry has adopted fully automated chicken raising equipment, which makes many chicken companies have a high degree of automation in the daily chicken raising process, which can save land and labor resources in the factory. At the same time, it can provide layers with good environmental conditions (temperature, humidity, light, ventilation) according to the production requirements of the layers and the growth and development of the layers to ensure the healthy growth of the chickens.


Modern chicken farms use fully automated chicken farming equipment, which can effectively control the environment and are not easily affected by external adverse factors, so that the chickens can grow and develop healthily in a stable environment and have the ability to resist risks. The chicken farms adopt closed breeding Management is conducive to disease control and drug residue control. The equipment can help the farmers to better carry out the feeding work, avoid the repetition of a large number of tedious projects, and at the same time ensure the full utilization of nutrients, avoid problems such as food leakage, and breed high-quality laying hens, which is conducive to ensuring consumption Health. In addition, when using fully automated chicken breeding equipment, according to the needs of the chickens, the food can be automatically fed after the ingredients are put in, and there will be no leakage in the process, which not only ensures the clean and tidy chicken house, but also avoids the breeding of diseases. It also saves feed and avoids waste.



Introduction to some management points of battery layer chicken cages

Over the years, the level of research and development of animal husbandry equipment has become higher and higher, and the equipment produced for animal husbandry has also been greatly improved. On the one hand, the country's promotion of the poultry breeding industry, on the other hand, the sharp increase in labor costs, both of which have greatly promoted the rapid development of Kenya's automation level.

More and more workers now urgently need to reduce their daily labor intensity. In order to solve this reality, a large number of young professionals with knowledge and technology have been attracted to join the automated poultry farming industry, which has greatly increased the enthusiasm of farming equipment companies to invest in automated equipment.

In the development of the irreversible situation, automatic laying hen feeding equipment has also undergone tremendous changes in the animal husbandry industry. The convenience, speed, and peace of mind of layered layer cages have been widely recognized by the majority of layer farms, and the development prospects are very promising.

The advantages of stacked layer farm cages are as follows: stacked layer cages are the first choice for large-scale, intensive, automated, and standardized layer breeding at home and abroad.

The use of layer cages to raise chickens has the following advantages: small floor space, high space utilization, and easy realization of intensive and large-scale breeding. The chicken manure is cleaned in layers, and the natural air-drying greatly reduces the moisture of the chicken manure, the utilization rate of chicken manure is high, and the environmental pollution is minimal. The realization of fully automated control greatly reduces the number of operators, reduces labor intensity, and improves labor productivity. The adoption of a fully enclosed breeding mode is conducive to preventing the occurrence of infectious diseases and improving the production performance of the flock.

And because of the multi-layer overlapping cages, it is inconvenient to catch the chickens, and the laying time of laying hens can be appropriately extended, and individual chickens can be placed in the cage when laying eggs. At this time, all vaccines that need to be immunized, such as Newcastle disease, infectious bronchitis, avian flu, and egg drop syndrome, must be waived. During the entire chicken raising process, the feed and water consumption of the chickens should be observed at any time to see if the number and height of the feed troughs and water troughs are suitable for the feed and drinking of the chickens, and the height of the drinking system should be adjusted in time. Check and compare the speed and number of chickens eating, adjust the stocking density, and whether the chickens have some potential diseases.

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