Issues that cannot be ignored in the layer cages in poultry farming equipment

The use of poultry layer cage systems is already the most common breeding mode. However, one point that is easy to overlook when using layer cages for breeding is to clean the water line. It is known that the quality of water is the key point in the poultry farm. Coupled with the high breeding density of poultry layer cages, it can be said that the quality of the water is directly related to the quality of the chickens.

Therefore, in the process of breeding, the water line of chicken drinking water needs to be cleaned frequently by us in order to provide the chicken with a sanitary drinking water. Let's talk about the importance of cleaning the waterline frequently:


First of all, cleaning the water line during poultry breeding can ensure the cleanliness of the integrated poultry drinking system. If the waterline is not cleaned for a long time, a lot of dirt, drug residues, algae and other substances will often accumulate in the water pipeline, drinking fountain, and water tank. The waterline is full of mucus, which breeds microorganisms and bacteria, which seriously affects the health of the chickens. Therefore, regular cleaning of the water line can keep the water quality clean, so as to ensure that the chickens can drink clean drinking water every day and reduce the occurrence of chicken diseases.

The second is to clean up the waterline regularly. This will prevent the residue from clogging the drinking nipples. Especially for farmers in tropical areas, lack of drinking water can cause stress responses in chickens. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the water line regularly to ensure the feed and water consumption of the chickens to ensure the health of the chickens and improve the uniformity of the chickens.



Finally, if the water line is not cleaned for a long time, when drinking water is immunized, the drug residues, algae and dirt in the water line will seriously affect the vaccine effect, resulting in immune failure or greatly reduced immune effect.

The above is the importance of using the layer cage system to clean the water line shared by the poultry equipment manufacturers. Farmers must pay attention to the cleaning of the water line.

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