Why Hens Water Diarrhea in Summer?

Changes of drinking habits. During the whole year, chickens are very prominent in summer drinking water, at this time, thirsty desire to increase, so drinking water increased. Chicken's demand for water is following the weather’s become.


In the lukewarm climate condition, the hen’s water intake is equal to 2 times amount the feed; in hot conditions, the water intake is equal to 4 to 5 times among the feed.
Corresponding measures: The lack of water can most affect egg production, such as if lack of water for 24 hours, the egg production can be reduced by 30%. Therefore, it is necessary to provide enough water for laying hens. But provide too much water will have a bad effect, it has a limit in the amount of water, because excessive drinking water can cause water diarrhoea. Suitable drinking water for summer is 4 to 5 times the weight of feed.

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